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Renovations & Custom Pool Builds

Building a swimming pool with proper planning, design and crew will bring a pleasant experience with years of enjoyment and benefits. We understand the scope of these projects and important steps along the way. Our commitment to excellence provides this along with sound construction practices and long lasting quality materials and components. We currently serve the Greater Wenatchee, Chelan and Manson, Methow Valley, Leavenworth and Upper Valley, Quincy and Ephrata, Orondo and Waterville areas.

Pool & Hot Tub Covers

With an emphasis on safety and energy efficiency, Pool to Spa Services is your dealer for all pool covers. Over 70% of the pools we build today are equipped with the Save-T3 automatic pool cover. Each year we also retrofit many existing pools with this energy saving safety cover. You get peace of mind at the simple turn of a key. In under a minute you have a horizontal fence for your pool, preventing access by children, pets and un-invited visitors. A covered pool helps prevent evaporation and heat loss while acting as a passive solar heater. At the same time it keeps dirt and debris out, making your pool easy to maintain and ready to enjoy. Securing the pool in the winter is a breeze with either the Save-T3 cover or our Plastimayd mesh safety cover. The mesh safety cover is a safe beautiful alternative to the old winter cover and water tubes. Quick to install and remove you will love the convenience and beauty of these mesh safety covers.