Custom Pool Construction

In 2004, the first swimming pool was constructed under the Pool to Spa Services name. This decision was based on the owner’s realization of a need for truly quality swimming pools in the Wenatchee Valley. Since then, we have expanded our construction division to offer vinyl liner, custom gunite, and now fiberglass pool construction.

Pool to Spa Servicves is proud to be a Blue Hawaiian dealer:

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools | Custom Pool Construction | Pool to Spa Services

Nothing will take away your cares quite like a Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pool. Water is a highly effective natural stress reliever, it is truly rejuvenating. A Blue Hawaiian pool not only offers many hours of entertainment, it offers you the impressive health benefits of regular swimming right in your own backyard. With minimal maintenance and no need for resurfacing like concrete pools, a Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pool is the smart choice for saving both time and money.

Fewer Chemicals, Less Energy, Easy Water Care:

Because Blue Hawaiian pools are non-porous, fewer chemicals are needed because algae is less prone to attach to smoother surfaces. Fiberglass pools operate on lower chlorine levels, regardless of whether a salt water chlorinator or traditional chlorine is used. Less chemicals and energy is good for your family, the environment—and your wallet!

Modern Technology:

A Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pool strategically utilizes the highest grade materials, including top quality carbon fiber, resin, gel coat, and flexural fiberglass. This durable material is the same that is used in automobiles, yachts, and even space shuttles. With all of the advantages, it’s obvious why informed homeowners are choosing fiberglass—the modern, innovative solution.

Beauty and Safety:

A Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pool can be combined with an Automatic Safety Cover to provide complete protection for your family and your investment. It not only provides peace of mind, but provides ongoing heating and energy savings. An automatic safety cover keeps dirt and debris out of your pool, reduces evaporation of water as well as consumption of chemicals. The automatic choice for safety, savings and convenience all at the touch of a button.